Das im entwischen erwischte, 1983

U-matic, PAL, son, couleur + b├ętacam PAL

The perceptions of a night of insomnia, punctuated by the manic sound of cinematic nightmares, presents the obsessions of dreams after a bedtime ritual.
A deep dream or a daydream in which Burundi chants clash with the symphony from Hitchcock's The Birds, Wagner's Ride of the Walkyries used in the film Apocalypse Now, and the screams of terror of a woman in the night, the song of the earth and of blood, the story of a few defeats. All of this between the obscure movements of the artist's body stricken with fear, cut in two by the beams of his projections. The ever-present slit shows his invisible fears more than ever, continually pushing the image and the non-diegetic sound to the sides of the frame, on each side.

St├ęphanie Moisdon
Translated by Anna Knight