Le Droit Chemin (Der Rechte Weg), 1983

Betacam numérique PAL, couleur, son

Peter Fischli (born in 1952 in Zurich) and David Weiss (born in 1946 and dead in 2012 in Zurich) collaborate for a second time and film The Right Way [Der Rechte Weg]. The main roles, a rat and a bear, are held by the artists themselves that shamelessly attack our taboos, our values and our rules of decorum. True metaphor of the path of life, The Right Way combines the certainties that are indispensable to us in order to overcome the doubts that constantly assail us. The characters' adventure concludes in front of a sea of fog, symbolizing the obscurity of death, where they give a final concert.

Translated by Mia Stern, 2021